Sloan-Hendrix PTE Meeting

Members Present

Amanda Stallings

Kristie Stallings

April Rainwater

Alaina Nichols

Bobbi Duncan

The meeting was called to order by President, Amanda Stallings at 6:00pm.

Old Business

• •

Secretary, Kristie Stallings read the minutes from November meeting Minutes were approved. Treasure, Terri Smith read the monthly Treasures Report. Profit from the Ornament Fundraiser came to $240.00. The money will be used to buy cork strips for Middle School, 3rd and 4th grade halls. • Mr. Walton approved for us to do the Signature Fundraising. Amanda made a motion to have the fundraiser, Bobby Duncan 2nd the motion, all for none against. We discussed date for Fundraiser kickoff assembly in the old gym, will check to see what dates are available. PTE decided to go with the Blue Dog for the Elementary and will ask the Middle School if they would like to do the Blue Dog too. New Business


Need ideas for projects to use the PTE’s funds on campus.

Example o Cover for the sidewalk from office to Special Ed. to keep the kids dry. o Pavilion for outside classroom. o Picnic tables for snacks on playground. o Pea gravel for Kindergarten playground. o Fence around 1st-4th grade playground. We discussed the Maga Party


Door Prizes were given to all members that attended the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7pm

Next Meeting February 11th 2013 at 6pm

January 14th

Terri Smith

Emerald Welch

Kathy Lester

Sandy Jones

Valerie Strong