Sheriff Jody Dotson with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office today released a warning concerning a scam that has hit Lawrence County.

According to Sheriff Dotson, Grandparents are receiving phone calls stating that a grandchild has been arrested in a different state for DUI, the scammers then tell the relative that the grandchild is embarrassed and wishes to keep the arrest quiet. The scammers claim to represent Police Departments and Bond Agents.

Grandparents or relatives are ask to provide a credit card to bail the person out of jail. Sheriff Dotson states this is a fraud. If you receive a call request funds for this type situation, report it to your local police and under no circumstances should you give out any personal information or credit card information.

Sheriff Dotson also said the calls were coming up on caller ID as “private”. The Sheriff also added that frauds in the past were coming from numbers identified in Jamaica. The Sheriff also added that the calls were being made to both landlines as well as cell phones.

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