Snow began falling shortly after 11 am on Tuesday, what was  supposed to be a light dusting turned into a driving hazard. Snow mixed with  sleet fell and quickly covered the highways and side roads.
Lawrence County Officers, Arkansas State Police, Ravenden Police  and Imboden Fire Fighters worked for over 4 hours attempting to clear numerous  vehicles from the ditches and stalled in the roads.
Sloan Hendrix, Imboden Area Charter School and Black Rock Schools  all closed shortly after noon. Highways closed after schools dismissed at 12:30pm and many of the busses had to be turned back due to  road closings. Students returning to the school, parents were notified by the  school officials explaining the conditions. At 4:15pm Sloan-Hendrix reported that they still had about 30 students who were unable to get home due to the road conditions.  By 5 pm the majority of the displaced students  had been picked up and the last of the students left campus just before 5:30pm  in a fleet of 4 wheel drive vehicles . 
Many travelers making their way home from work found themselves stuck inside their vehicles waiting for hours while traffic crawled due to the bad road conditions.
Imboden Firemen were posted on Dickson Hill on Hwy 115,  Chief Jones stated there were 8 to 10 stranded vehicles when the Imboden Fire  Department arrived. Hwy 115 was closed for quite some time waiting on a salt  truck to arrive.
Dail’s Wrecker Service had several units in the northern part of  the county. Cook’s and Ray J’s worked numerous wrecks around Black Rock, Hoxie  and Walnut Ridge.
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