The Christmas holiday doesn’t always have to mean spending loads of cash on expensive gifts. In most cases kids will not even remember what they received under the tree Christmas of 2012 a few years fron now. The same goes for everyone on your holiday Christmas list.
The very best memories I have and I hope that my children have of Christmas are special holiday memories we shared and little traditions like reading a special story on Christmas Eve. In our case gathering the kids together to listen to their Dad reading “The Cajun Night before Christmas” while eating a creme drop and drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Decorating christmas cookies together using LOTS of sprinkles, visits with family, and friends.
Here is a frugal holiday idea list. If you have any special inexpensive holiday ideas or if you have a holiday memory from the past you would like to share here on please leave us a comment!

*Sing Christmas carols
*Baking sugar cookies and decorating them as a family
*Load up in the car to look at Christmas lights around town
*Attend a community christmas program.
*Look at old photo albums and reminisce about past holiday memories
*Have a christmas movie marathon
*String popcorn and cranberries to decorate a living tree outdoors. (Makes a nice xmas treat for the snow birds!)
*Host a gift exchange with gifts being handmade or small gift baskets made up of dollar store items.
*Cookie exchanges
*Make gift baskets for friends and neighbors using open small boxes wrapped in holiday paper and filled with a favorite recipe and a few of the non perishable ingredients. (like a lasagna recipe with pasta and sauce included)
* Make paper snowflakes
*Build a gingerbread house
*Listen to christmas music
*Track santa on NORAD
*Make your own candy and fudge to share with neighbors.
*Take a stroll throught the woods.Go hunting for mistletoe to hang, a small living tree, or pinecones.
*Make your own unique Christmas cards from scratch.
*Make an advent calendar
*Invite family over for a Christmas day brunch where everyone brings a dish.
*Take a family photo or one with your pets in front of the Christmas tree.
*Have a gingerbread man party with friends. Everyone brings sprinkles or candy to decorate with.
*Send online Christmas greetings
* If it’s a white Christmas make snow angels, snow ice cream, or have a huge snowball fight.