In a phone conversation today with Sheriff Jody Dotson, the Sheriff warned of an ongoing scam in Lawrence County and other surrounding counties.

Sheriff Dotson stated that residents are receiving phone calls on their cell phones from a person with a heavy accent claiming that they have won a prize from Publisher’s Clearing House. The caller then states that all they have to do is wire or transfer money to cover the taxes and fees to receive the prize.

Sheriff Dotson stated that Publisher’s Clearing House does not require a winner to post any money if selected as a winner. He also went on to say that any resident receiving a request for money from anyone claiming to represent a contest should be very careful, most if not all do not require this.

Other scams through email are quite common, requiring that a person post a fee to receive a prize, the Sheriff warns residents about these as well. Sheriff Dotson stated that contest do not require deposits of fees, also any legit contest will provide phone numbers, email addresses and contact information regarding the prize as well as website information about the individual contest or organization awarding the prize.

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