The Ugly Turkeys

Sloan-Hendrix third grade students in Mrs. Andrea Roark and Mrs. Emerald Welch’s classes
will present a Thanksgiving program on Thursday, November 15th at 6:30 in the gymnasium.
Mrs. Sheila Deshazo, music teacher, is directing the program. Mrs. Deshazo puts a lot of time
and energy, during and after school hours, into all of the activities that she includes in her music
classes. The 3rd grade program, “The Ugly Turkeys,” is about how being a friend doesn’t mean
that you have to look the same. You can be different and be a good friend by being a good
listener and being helpful when you are needed. The play is written by Mrs. Sheila Deshazo
with adaptions from “Turkey Day” by Wade Bradford and “Ugly Turkey” by Alecia Dixon.
Sloan-Hendrix would like to welcome the community to come out and enjoy the 3rd grade