In less than 24 hours after we posted the story of  Bradley Calfas, a wanted unregistered sex offender believed to be in our area,  Sheriff Jody Dotson reported that Calfas was in custody and on his way to the  Lawrence County Jail.
Sheriff Dotson said that numerous calls, text and  e-mails came in to the office, confirming that Calfas was residing on Lawrence  139 outside Ravenden and was working in Pocahontas. The Lawrence County  Sheriff’s Office contacted the Pocahontas Police Department and Randolph County  Sheriff’s Department, officers went to Calfas’ place of employment and placed  him under arrest, Lawrence County Deputies then traveled to Pocahontas and  returned him back to Lawrence County.
Sheriff Dotson extended a gracious “Thank You” to all  the readers who helped put this criminal behind bars, he also wished to thank  the Pocahontas Police Department and Randolph County Sheriff’s Department for  their assistance.
Original Article:

While on a traffic stop in  Ravenden on October 9th by Chief Tim McComas of the Ravenden Police Department,  it was discovered that a resident of Rone Valley Park was an unregistered sex  offender.

The offender was  identified as Bradley Calfas, Date of Birth 12/19/1985. Calfas was instructed to  comply and register his new address with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office,  according to Sheriff Dotson he has not been seen since. Calfas is described as  5’11, 175 lbs Brown hair/Brown eyes.

Calfas has a Pocahontas  address on his current drivers license but claimed to be living in Rone Valley  Park, he has also had past residences on Lawrence 139 outside Ravenden and  Springfield IL. Calfas’ status as a registered sex offender showed him to be  registered out of state. Lawrence County has issued a warrant for his arrest and  ask the public for assistance. Calfas has a lengthy criminal record including  former drug charges and negligent  homicide.

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