On October 27, 2012 at about 9:15 pm the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office  arrested Alejandro Montoya (37) of Batesville on charges of possession of a  controlled substance (meth ice), distribution of a controlled substance (meth  ice), simultaneous possession of drugs and a firearm, no drivers license, no  vehicle insurance and no vehicle license. Immigrations and Customs have also  placed a hold on Montoya for being in the United States illegally. The arrest  stems from a deputy seeing a 1989 Ford Expedition on the side of the road at  Smithville with the hood up on the vehicle. The deputy stopped to check on the  motorist and offer assistance. The driver, Montoya, advised the deputy that his  headlights had stopped working on the vehicle. The deputy noticed that the  vehicle had no license plate and asked Montoya about it. Montoya told the deputy  that the vehicle was his but that he had no license on it or any insurance. The  deputy then asked Montoya for his drivers license, which Montoya stated he did  not have one. The deputy got Montoya’s information and ran it. The information  came back that Montoya was in the United States unlawfully and had been deported  in the past. The deputy then asked Montoya if he had any illegal substances in  the vehicle. Montoya told the deputy he could look inside the vehicle. Inside  the vehicle the deputy found several baggies of meth ice, a 9mm pistol with lots  of ammunition and almost $1,800 in cash. Montoya was placed under arrest and  transported to the Lawrence County Jail. Montoya told deputies that he delivered  meth for the Mexican drug cartel La Familia. Immigration and Customs was  contacted and a hold was placed on Montoya for deportation back to Mexico.
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