The Lawrence County Dispatch received a 911 call reporting a one vehicle rollover accident on Hwy 25 near Lawrence 305. A Black Rock Firefighter was first on scene and reported the victim was trapped in the vehicle, Black Rock and Lynn Fire Departments were paged to the scene along with AET Ambulance of Imboden.

Rescue workers reported a 74 year old male with severe facial injuries, Firefighters immediately requested a helicopter be flown to the scene. Air-Evac and 2 other air-transports had to refuse the flight due to weather in the area.

Once the patient was removed by firefighters, medics attempted to stabilize the patient as a firefighter drove the ambulance to Lawrence Memorial Hospital, deputies from the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office blocked traffic and escorted the AET Ambulance to Walnut Ridge.

The accident was investigated by the Arkansas State Police, the drivers name and condition have not been released at this time.

It should be noted that during transport to Lawrence Memorial, a physician on duty ask that the ambulance divert to St. Benards Medical Center, the ambulance driver ask for the request to be noted on the log but refused to divert and continued to Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

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