Mrs. Stephanie Lewis 1st Grade Class News Sloan-Hendrix Elementary

Wow! I can’t believe it is already October! Our fall decorations and art work are already displayed for all to see in the hall and in the classroom, along with our published writing pieces. We have been learning so much so far this year in first grade! We are becoming experts in addition facts to 10, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling our family blends. It’s amazing how much my class loves to read this year. That is always my goal every year is for my students to think of reading as a hobby instead of a chore. The love of reading comes through our shared reading time, in which we read poems and big books together and share our predictions and connections. Friday’s are our fun days, in which we retell the stories with props. The students love it! We have already celebrated a couple special days. On Constitution day, we learned all about the constitution, facts about our beautiful country, and some famous presidents. The students made their own American flags and wrote about what they love about our country in their journals. We also celebrated Johnny Appleseed’s birthday in September by doing many apple activities, such as counting, sorting, adding, and writing adjectives to describe our apples. We ate our apples with caramel and fruit dip. This month we have moved into Common Core level 2, which is “The Amazing Animal World.” During the next 6 weeks students will read informational texts about animals and learn how each animal is unique. They will focus on constructing stronger informational writing. Also, as they read fictional texts, they will learn to retell a story using details and focusing on a central message. In math we are learning our addition facts to 10 by counting on, using number bonds to add in any order, and writing and solving addition sentences. We will soon be learning our subtraction facts to 10. The students have also started taking their Accelerated Reader Test on the computer, in which the students strengthen their comprehensions skills by answering questions about the books they read. They will take the test once a week. We have 2 students celebrating their birthday’s this month. Xander Dixon’s is the 3 rd and Malachi Bradley’s is the 29th. Happy birthday to the both of you!

In the photo: Corey Dail takes his first Accelerated Reader Test in Mrs. Lewis’ First Grade Class.