Shortly before 7 pm on Friday, the Lawrence County Dispatch received radio traffic from Imboden Volunteer Department Assistant Chief Jim Jones, Jones was alerted by neighbors that a male subject had suffered an accidental gun shot.

As the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department was paged, Jones responded to a farm on Lawrence 118 where a male subject accidentally discharged a weapon while crossing a fence, shooting himself in the right leg.

A family member assisted Jones while firemen, Lawrence County Deputies and AET Ambulance arrived on scene. Once on scene, the victim was placed on a back board and loaded onto a UTV belonging to one of the firemen that lived in the area. The victim was removed from the wood and placed in an ambulance, Air-Evac was in route to the landing zone at the Imboden Fire Department.

Weather forced the helicopter to change the landing zone to Lawrence Memorial Hospital, the ambulance, it’s crew and two Imboden fireman traveled towards Walnut Ridge.

While in route, medics requested the helicopter fly to Black Rock and attempt to land there. The Air-Evac Unit met the AET Ambulance at the arena next to Rest Area on Hwy 63 just north of Black Rock. The patient was transferred to the air unit and flown to The Med in Memphis for treatment.