How would you rather spend your time? Making money or accounting for it? The answer is obvious. So is the solution. You work all day and then come home at night and have to do the “books”. SJ & Associates is a bookkeeping and consulting firm that offers an array of customized services to individuals and businesses in the Northeast Arkansas area. Our “partnership” approach allows us to assist start-ups in getting off on the right foot, and established businesses in keeping records that give an accurate and up-to-the-minute snapshot of their company’s or your financial records, SJ and Associates is here to help run your business and personal finances more efficiently and profitably. We do not do income taxes but our service will help you in your trip to your tax preparer because your business and personal information will be accurate, up to date and in readable form. Let us do your “books” for you.


We realize that sometimes small business owners can become overwhelmed with the many hats they may wear. Our accounting services are structured to help you manage your business, spot trends, control expenses, and prepare for the future. For individuals we will balance your check book on a monthly basis, track your income and expenses, and help you with a financial plan. You can count on SJ & Associates to be your trusted partner so you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business and your personal life. We have many years experience in banking, auditing, budget preparation and administration, as well as bookkeeping for small businesses and cities and counties.


We will be assisting you in taking control of the finances, instead of the finances controlling you. Just by using the information your bookkeeping provides you, we can use the information to produce a custom fitting plan to make your business as efficient and prosperous as possible.


More and more, small businesses and individuals are finding the advantage in outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting to financial consulting services such as ours. By reducing bookkeeping accounting demands on yourself, you are then freed up to support other areas directly related to your clients, your sales, your products and services, your marketing and your business! Your businesses competitive edge can depend on your business’s ability to manage many areas of expertise that are not your businesses- but are the business of doing business. Financial accounting consulting services from SJ & Associates can help.


We are affordable, strictly confidential, and easily accessible. Please call or send an e-mail for details and a consultation visit.


Phone 870-926-0323 or email for details.