Happy Birthday To A Special Friend Of ImbodenLive!

He is known as a father, grandfather, uncle, husband, neighbor, community leader, and the list goes on! To us, he is a friend.

In 1948, things in the Jones household changed forever, on July 9th, Jimmy was born!!!!

We wish him the BEST Of BIRTHDAYS!!!!!! We love, admire and appreciate you!!!! Our family is one of many that has been blessed to know you.

We thought we would look back and see what what going on when you were born! (Now either find your glasses or have Patsy read this to you!)- editor note* blame Buddy for that one Jim

In 1948:

A gallon of gas was 16 cents

A new car cost $1250.00

A pound of ground beef was 45 cents

A movie Ticket was 60 cents

NASCAR held it’s first race at Daytona Beach


Also born in 1948 were Actor John Ritter, Prince Charles, Alice Cooper, Samuel L. Jackson, Former VP Al Gore, Olivia Newton-John, Ozzy Osbourne, Donna Summer and James Taylor.


Happy Birthday Jim Jones!!!!!