Skylar Butler of Trumann admits, her story sounds like a “Lifetime Movie”, but as a young adult she would like some real answers to a mystery that has been unresolved for over 20 years.


Skylar, known to her friends as “Skye” says her story begins on August 8th 1989. Skye was abandoned at the Randolph County Medical Center in Pocahontas, now known as Five Rivers. Her adoptive parents told her, she was left in a box outside the hospital. Her biological mother then called the hospital to let them know she left the baby there and was never heard from again. When Skye was 3 days old, she was taken in by a couple who later adopted and raised her. Her adoptive parents kept an ad in the local papers for over a year attempting to locate anyone having information on the identity of the mother.


Skye grew up, attended high school at Trumann, Eastside Baptist Academy, then Williams Baptist and Arkansas State University. Skye admits that the only thing she has from her past is a few newspaper clippings from the local paper. Skye has now turned to social media to attempt to either locate her parents or find someone that may have information about them.


Now a grown woman with a family of her own, she wishes to put some closure to all these unanswered questions from her past. If you or someone you know has information that could help this young lady, she can be reached on Facebook at Skye Butler.


We wish you the best Skye!