Pam Hicks (formerly Pam Hobbs) has filed a suit against the West Memphis Police Department for the right to examine the personal articles belonging to her late son, Stevie Branch, one of three boys killed in the now infamous West Memphis Three case. Pam Hicks stated that she would like to see the items for sentimental reasons such as what her son had in his pockets. Earlier request have been denied by the West Memphis Police Department, but since the convictions and pleas entered last year, she is once again attempting to gain access. Pam Hicks received a letter from West Memphis City Attorney David Peeples letting her know that the “Freedom of Information Act” did not apply to physical evidence in a murder case, today Hicks filed a formal suit. Items in which Hicks would like to see are Stevie’s bicycle, clothing, a friendship bracelet as well as other things. Hicks claims that over the years, the items have been handled and viewed by many reporters and attorneys.