North Mississippi investigators are talking with authorities in Yazoo City, Mississippi, after they arrested a man who may have been impersonating an officer Wednesday night.
45-year-old James Lucas was pulled over Thursday for failing to use a turn signal. Upon further investigation, they found that he owns all of the props necessary to impersonate an officer.
After the arrest, police obtained a search warrant for his home. Inside, investigators found a fake police badge, guns, and handcuffs.
Lucas was driving a blue Mercury Marquis when he was pulled over by officers.
Wednesday night, two people reported being pulled over by a blue Marquis.
One passenger saw a man get out of the driver’s seat with a gun. In fear, he sped off and the Marquis followed. The driver who sped away fired shots at the Marquis. He was not sure if anyone or anything was hit by the bullets.
Later that same night, a woman was pulled over in the same area. She also drove away when she began feeling scared.
Both victims reported seeing a rebel flag vanity license plate on the front of the car that pulled them over.
Police are comparing this crime and the two murders in North Mississippi and have not connected these crimes yet.