Level 4 Sex Offender Richard Lee Schwartzentrub, DOB 6/26/1933 has been reportedly living at the 100 Block of Grover Street in Portia.

Sheriff Dotson is releasing this information as a public safety notice to residents of Lawrence County. Schwartzentrub was told to move by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office because his residence is within 2000 feet of the Portia City Park. The latest information on the convicted rapist is that he is staying at a residence in the Sedgwick area at night but returning to the Portia area during the day.


A Level 4 Sex Offender is a Sexually Violent Offender with a high probability to reoffend. Sheriff Dotson stated that for this reason, community notification must be done.


Sheriff Dotson also stated that his department is currently monitoring this offender and will be giving updates on this situation. He also stated that the safety of the citizens of Lawrence County is the most important thing to his department.


Richard Lee Schwartzentrub is listed on the Sex Offender Registry at www.acic.org or you can link through Sheriff Dotson’s website at www.lawrencecountysheriffsoffice.com .