Teams of Emergency Responders and volunteers are on the scene in Fulton County as the search continues for a missing three year old boy.

Three year old Caleb Linn who will turn four next month, went missing around 11:30 Saturday morning at the Kia Kima Boy Scout Reservation along the South Fork of Spring River , Northeast of Cherokee Village, Arkansas. The child wandered away from a group who were clearing and picking up debris on a low water bridge near the camp . He was last seen wearing an orange shirt with green sleeves. .

Teams of volunteer fire fighters from various agencies, emergency responders and volunteers are searching the woods near the camp today. Lawrence County Sheriff Jody Dotson and members of the LCSO Dive and Recovery Team have also gathered to help assist in the search for the missing little boy.

Sheriff Montgomery of Baxter County stated that Arkansas State Police are utlilizing their helicopter to assist with the search and that the Baxter County helicopter is on standby to relieve them later today. Fulton County Sheriff’s Department volunteers have been assisting in the search effort on horseback and four wheelers due to the large amount of trails in the area. To help with the search Fulton County Sheriff Kenneth “Buck” Foley says that volunteers may report to the new Boy Scout camp. Directions are: Hwy 289 to 175 and turn left on Pottawattamie, turn right on Tonganoxie, turn left on Weekiwachee Road and follow the signs to the camp. He asks that volunteers please bring their own drinks to stay hydrated and are physically able to walk distances in the wooded area. Volunteers will have to sign in and out with officers on the scene.