Sheriff Jody Dotson of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office has “stepped up” the efforts concerning the recent rash of daytime burglaries in Lawrence County.


Wednesday, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office more than tripled the amount of deputies on patrol in the county in an effort to not only make an arrest in the recent break-ins but also to deter any criminal activity of this type.


Details on the rash of burglaries are, homes being broken into during the day while residents are at work, most of the homes are being ransacked and items taken are jewelry and firearms. Witnesses describe a gray or silver minivan in the area of the crimes. Sheriff’s deputies combed the county roads today in an effort to spot the suspect vehicle.


Sheriff Dotson states that if you see any suspicious vehicles in your area, take note of the vehicle description and tag number if able and report the information to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office at 870-886-2525 or email the information to . Also Sheriff Dotson says that citizens are the best at watching their homes and the homes of others, since most are aware of local vehicles to the area. If you see a vehicle or persons at your neighbor’s home that is out of place or there when you neighbors are at work, report this information as well.


Access to the homes has mostly been gained by kicking in doors but in at least one case, a window was left unlocked. The burglar entered the window and unlocked the back door according to investigators. Make sure you check your windows and doors, especially doors and windows that can not be seen from the road.


Similar break-ins are being investigated in Hoxie, Walnut Ridge, Randolph County and Craighead County. It is yet to be determined if these are related. Although at this time, the crimes are mostly during the day and access being gained mostly by kicking doors in, this could change. Sheriff Dotson says “ Be cautious and double check doors and windows while being aware of people and vehicles that seem out of place.”


On Wednesday, what is being described as a personal safe was recovered on a county road just outside of Hoxie, investigators believe it was taken from a break-in in Hoxie. Investigators with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division are currently processing the evidence in hopes of recovering prints that may lead investigators to an arrest.


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