Tuesday morning, the Office of Emergency Service, Lawrence County Dispatch, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Walnut Ridge Police, Walnut Ridge Fire Department and the Hoxie Fire Department took place in a mock disaster drill on the east side of the county.


Deputies from Lawrence County met with members of the Office of Emergency Services early Tuesday at the Walnut Ridge Police Department where OES had set up it’s command post. Once the drill started, Police and Fire Departments checked their assigned areas for damage and the sheriff’s office sent deputies to do road checks throughout the county. Information from these road and bridge checks was relayed back to the OES Command Post.


Sheriff’s Deputies also used the drill to inspect the majority of roads in the Portia, Clover Bend, Strangers Home, Alicia, Minturn and Sedgwick areas, reporting any problems.


A future drill is planned for the Imboden area later next week, scheduled to be held at Sloan Hendrix School. For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Walnut Ridge Police Department or Walnut Ridge Fire Department, visit their websites.