The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office has been awarded two military Humvee vehicles and two cargo trailers through the Federal Surplus Program LESO 1033. The vehicles are transferred from the Department of Defense to State and Local Law Enforcement.


Sheriff Dotson placed one vehicle at the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office in Walnut Ridge and one vehicle at the Imboden Sub-Station, giving both sides of the county access to these vehicles in the event of flooding, inclement weather or any need which may arise.


The cost of the vehicles was $260.00 each for transfer fees and just $30.00 for each trailer. The addition of the 2 vehicles to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office brings the total of military vehicles added to Lawrence County to 6. Walnut Ridge Police has two, Ravenden Police has two and now the LCSO has two. All through this LESO 1033 program.


Captain Stan Finley gave us a tour in the vehicle kept at Walnut Ridge, showing the vehicles ability to navigate county roads and low-lying areas throughout the county. These vehicles have high ground clearance, 4-wheel drive and are very heavy, allowing them to move through swift water and flooded areas not accessible by the Sheriff’s patrol vehicles according to Captain Finley. The vehicles were also exercised during the recent snowfall, Captain Finley took the vehicle stored at Imboden for a tour on the snow covered roads around Imboden and said it performed perfect.


Sheriff Dotson stated this addition to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office was one of several additions in place in preparations for weather or search and rescue operations in the future for Lawrence County.


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