Autopsy results from the September 12th crash show that Brian Davis of Pocahontas had no drugs of alcohol in his system, this goes along with statements given by people who had encountered him earlier in the day.

Still many questions are remain about what happened that day to cause him to lose control of his vehicle and crash through the Walnut Ridge Police Department, severely injuring Walnut Ridge Code Enforcement Officer Robert Rice and killing Mr. Davis. The autopsy rules Brian Davis’ cause of death as blunt force trauma.

This release of information may raise more questions than closure for the friends and family of both Brian Davis and Robert Rice. Witnesses stood speechless on that hot September day in Walnut Ridge at the sight of the wreck. Since the accident, theories have been raised, was it a malfunction of the vehicle or some sort of medical emergency? Those theories may never be known.

As family and friends of Brian Davis attempt to understand the events of September 12th and the untimely death of Mr. Davis, Walnut Ridge Code Enforcement Officer Robert Rice is still in recovery and continues to improve daily.