I am announcing my candidacy for another term as your Lawrence County Sheriff. I have enjoyed being your sheriff and want to continue to do so. So far we have made several positive changes at the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office is now online so residents can keep up with the goings on of the office. Over 30 arrests have been made from the most wanted section of the website. Several drug and theft arrests have also been made thanks to citizen’s tips on the website.

Your Sheriff’s Office was one of the first offices to have a permanent Rx drop box resulting in several hundred pounds of unwanted pills being destroyed safely. The Inmate work program has resulted in thousands upon thousands of dollars of savings to Lawrence County. It has cut jail populations and has been utilized by most of the county in cleanup projects of roads, city parks and other public properties.

Your Sheriff’s Office is now a National Center for Missing and Exploited Children certified partner, the only one in the State of AR. This office has also been involved with the schools in the county providing drug education to our youth and showing law enforcement as positive role models. This office has expanded by adding a substation at Imboden, keeping officers on both sides of the river to provide better coverage to our citizens.

My law enforcement career began right here at home in Lawrence County. I started out as a reserve deputy and worked my way up. I truly love my job and cannot think of a better job in the world than being your sheriff. I have an open door policy and will continue to. I enjoy getting to spend time with the citizens of Lawrence County. I will still make improving this office a top priority. Officer training programs will continue so you will receive the best service possible. Drug and theft cases will still be investigated by all our officers. Deputies will continue to patrol the gravel roads, farm shops and small towns throughout the county.

I enjoy serving you as your sheriff and would like to ask you for your continued support. With your continued support this office will continue to move forward and be a sheriff’s office that you can be proud of.

Thank You, Jody Dotson, Lawrence County Sheriff