The Sloan-Hendrix Beta Club recently raised funds for the Children’s Shelter as a part of the Sloan-Hendrix Homecoming Activities. The Beta Club held a Penny War in which each class fought to fill up their jars with as many pennies as possible. Rules for the Penny War were that each penny counted for 1 point, but larger coins and bills subtracted points. After only 3 days, students raised a total of $517.94. The Senior class won the penny war, Seventh grade came in second, and the Freshman class came in third. The top three classes received Spirit points toward the contest for the Spirit Stick at the Homecoming Pep Rally. The Beta Club would like to thank the students for their generosity.

Heather Bradley (Beta Club President), Lisa Hufstedler (Children’s Shelter Administrator), Tara McDaniel (Beta Club Sponsor)