At 6:20 pm on Sunday evening, Lawrence County Dispatch was notified by Sharp County Dispatch that a vehicle described as a white SUV with a headlight out followed by a truck pulling a boat was headed in the direction of Lawrence County and was wanted for questioning by Sharp County Law Enforcement.

Shortly after, a Lawrence County Deputy spotted a vehicles matching the description headed south just outside of Imboden. Officers then ask dispatch if they knew the nature of the offense and if Sharp County would have charges. The suspect in one of the vehicles was wanted for impersonating a police officer in Highland.

Officers confirmed the license plate of the white Cadillac Escalade was the vehicle Sharp County was looking for. Officers followed the vehicles and stopped them at the Rest Area in Black Rock. During the stop, officers found two law enforcement badges and a firearm.

Officers detained the male suspect until Sharp County officials arrived on scene and took the male suspect into custody, he was then taken to the Sharp County Jail for formal charges.