Students from Black Rock High School received a visit from Lawrence County Sheriff Jody Dotson today. The topic of discussion was “Texting and Driving”. Sheriff Dotson showed a power point presentation to the students that ranged in age from 14 to 18 years old.


Sheriff Dotson also discussed the dangers of all types of cell phone use while driving and the current laws against the use of cell phones by minors.


The Family and Community Leaders of America Club had it’s member sign a pledge, the pledge was a promise from students not to participate in texting while driving a motor vehicle.


After the presentation, Sheriff Dotson was ask if he had time field questions from the student. The Sheriff was asked many questions including “How to get into Law Enforcement”, Sheriff Dotson explained how to go about this and even shared his own experience, telling how he started his career. Other questions and discussions ranged from domestic abuse to the danger of drinking and driving.


For more information on Sheriff Dotson and the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, visit their site at .