An email received by Sheriff Dotson and ImbodenLive was received Friday from a Georgia resident. The email stated that a woman in critical health in a Georgia nursing home had a dying wish to be reunited with her only son.


The name of the son and an Imboden Post Office Box was about all the information that was passed along. The writer of the email gave a possible location of where the son might be located.


ImbodenLive contacted a deputy with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office who then looked into the matter. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies then contacted Mark VanBrook with the Lawrence County Dispatch Center located in Walnut Ridge. Mark used the information to develop a lead as to the actual address of the missing son.


Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office then contacted the son and passed on the information about the sick relative including phone numbers to both the nursing home and hospital where the woman is having surgery next week.


The Georgia woman is to have an operation on Tuesday to attempt to remove a large tumor from her liver, the author of the email stated the prognosis is not hopeful.


ImbodenLive wishes to Thank Mark VanBrook and the Lawrence County Dispatch and Sheriff Jody Dotson with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.


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