During the next seven weeks , you will have the opportunity to add, drop, or change your Medicare health plan or Medicare Part D prescription drug plan coverage. Gena Stout, volunteer, will be available on Monday mornings (October 24-November 28) from 10 am to 11 am at the Bobbie Jean Memorial Library in Imboden to help you choose your plan. Please bring your medicare card and list of drugs and dosages.

If you are satisfied with your current 2011 Medicare Part D plan or Medicare Advantage plan coverage – and you understand how your Medicare plan is changing in 2012 – you do not need to take any action and you will be automatically re-enrolled into the same Medicare plan for 2012.

If you decide to change Medicare plans, you do not need to dis-enroll from your existing 2011 plan when joining your new Medicare plan. Instead, when you join a new 2012 Medicare plan, your newly chosen 2012 Medicare plan will contact your 2011 plan and handle the enrollment change.

You can also go online to www.medicare.gov to compare plans and enroll.