Imboden Volunteer Fire Department Assist A Local Burn Victim
At 1:23 am the Lawrence County Dispatch Center was contacted by the Randolph County Dispatch requesting the assistance of the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department.
Imboden firemen responded to Squirrel Road in Randolph County to assist Medic One Ambulance with a burn patient. While in route to the call, Chief Chris Jones notified firemen that the victim was driving toward them in an effort to meet the ambulance. Medic One and the vehicle transporting the victim met on Squirrel Road. The victim was then loaded into the ambulance and transported to Children’s Hospital for medical attention. No information has been released on the victims condition or what caused the burn.
The Imboden Fire Department was back in service at 1:52 am. For more information on the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department, visit their website at .