unday, Deputy Blake Liscomb received a phone call from a concerned citizen in the Clover Bend area about a truck parked in the woods. Deputy Liscomb rushed to the area on Lawrence 532 and discovered the truck in the woods just as the caller described.
Liscomb stated he could hear noises in the woods and he began to sneak through the woods to observe the individuals. After slipping through brush and old junk cars, the deputy observed two male subjects stealing parts off the junk cars.
Deputy Liscomb announced to the individuals that the Lawrence County Sheriff’s K-9 Officer was there, the two surrendered. The two were described as young male suspects, both from Pocahontas. The property owner lived in Little Rock, the caller was responsible for overseeing the property. The two were taken to the Lawrence County Jail to receive formal charges.
Sheriff Dotson has put special interest on thefts out in the county, especially scrap metal thefts. Deputies spend quite a large amount of their time patrolling the farms and shop buildings out in the rural part of the county.
If you see any suspected scrap stealing in your area, call 870-886-2525 or email tips to tips@lawrencecountysheriffsoffice.com .
For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriffs Office, visit their site at www.lawrencecountysheriffsoffice.com .