On October 13, 2011 the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office arrested Doug Claude (09/09/83) of Ravenden for felon in possession of a firearm, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, no child restraint and introduction of prohibited articles in jail. The arrest came after the vehicle Claude was driving was stopped near Black Rock for expired tags and a small child not being in a child restraint. Claude started yelling and cussing as the Deputies tried to speak with him. A family member was called to pick up the young child. Deputies found drug paraphernalia and a 357 caliber handgun inside the vehicle. A check of Claude showed him to be a convicted felon and on parole. Claude was placed under arrest and transported to the Lawrence County Jail. At the jail Claude tried to sneak in a bag of marijuana. When the jailers discovered the bag of marijuana Claude became combative had to be put into the restraint chair. Claude is awaiting a bond hearing.
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