Officers from the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Bono Police Department and Arkansas State Police took part Tuesday night, making presentations for the current Instructor Certification Classes being given to officers.


Instructor Shawn Johnson with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office worked with officers on their own presentations as part of a “hands-on” experience giving each the chance to present or teach a topic on law enforcement.


The three presentations given on Tuesday night were 20 minute topics followed by any questions that needed to be addressed. Sgt. Rocky Chappell of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office presented his speech on “Different Types Of Patrol Patterns”, the information provided by Sgt. Chappell gave reasons for the different types of patterns as well as personal experiences and examples from Sgt. Chappells own time on patrol.


Next, former Lawrence County Deputy and current Bono Police Officer Chris Patrick informed listeners on different types of K-9 Dogs used in law enforcement and the challenges faced by departments and officers when maintaining a K-9 on their department. Discussions on the K-9 ranged from expenses incurred to the different types of dogs used in the field of law enforcement.


Arkansas State Trooper Seth Higginbottom with Troop B of the Arkansas State Police gave his presentation on “Getting Back To Basics On Firearms”, Trooper Higginbottom explained to officers the importance of remembering their basic firearm sighting in the event of failure involving laser sights and scopes.


Each of the mini-seminars were very informative and showed a wide range of topics covered in law enforcement training.


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