According to the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office, Curtis Richey of Imboden will now face rape charges in Sharp County. Richey who is in the custody of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office has been charged with rape in Lawrence County.


Now a joint investigation involving Lawrence and Sharp counties has brought new charges against Richey. The charges stem from a current case involving a 16 year old female who claimed she was not only molested but was also raped by Richey while living in Evening Shade. The females statements went on to say that the abuse began when the girl was 9 years old, recounting several incidents involving Richey while he lived in Sharp County.


During an interview with the Arkansas Crimes Against Children Investigator, the female alleged that Richey would take her to an abandoned mobile home near her home and sexually molest her “countless times” followed by threats of harm if the female told anyone about the abuse.


Richey was interviewed by Arkansas Crimes Against Children Investigator Jim Milam and Lawrence County Criminal Investigator Andrew Turner. Richey denied the allegations after being Mirandized but later admitted to several sexual acts taking place over a long period of time, including undressing the female, performing oral acts on the young female and others. Richey denies having intercourse with the female and claims the acts took place when the female was 12 not 9.


Richey’s Lawrence County trial is set for October 31st, he is currently in the Lawrence County jail. An affidavit for rape has also been filed by detectives in Sharp County charging Richey with rape.


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