There was a full house at the Imboden Area Charter School Thursday, August 25.
Parents and staff picked up the 2010-2011 yearbook and had the opportunity to
purchase one if they hadn’t done so last Spring.

A report on Title I Federal Programs was given by Mr. Matthew Wells, Assistant
Director. Ms. Judy Warren also spoke on the progress the school had made and the
direction the school was pursuing in the future.

The big news of the year is that the Imboden Area Charter School is ranked number
one in the State for Grades 3-8 Benchmark Testing in Mathematics and Literacy.
Ninety-two percent of the Imboden Area Charter School students scored at either
proficient or advanced level in both areas of Math and Literacy. This information
was provided through an independent research study conducted by the University of
Arkansas using data provided by the Arkansas Department of Education.

Mrs. Warren stated “ The high level of success by our students is attributed to the
learning strategies and philosophy of our Charter School which is based on students
working on their own level and the belief that each student is important and cannot
be either left behind nor held back from their full potential. “ Mrs. Warren went on to
say, “It is the cooperative efforts of the students, parents and staff that makes our goal
of ‘Destination Excellence’ a reality.”

A meeting was also held with the 7th and 8th grade parents on Smart Core, a
requirement of all schools in the state.

Parents also had an opportunity to look through the school and visit their children’s

The meeting concluded with refreshments.