Lawrence County Deputy Receives An Assault Call On 2nd Street in Imboden And Arrest One On Outstanding Warrants
Lawrence County Dispatch received a 911 call from a deactivated cell phone at 9:30pm on Wednesday evening. The caller stated the incorrect address of North 2nd Street in Imboden, claiming an assault. Dispatch was not able to call the caller back due to the phone being deactivated.
Deputy Liscomb, the K9 Officer for Lawrence County began to search the area for the possible address. After coming into contact with the victim on West 2nd Street, Deputy Liscomb began a search for the alleged suspect. The subject in the possible assault who fled the scene was not located.
A neighbor identified as John Kincade and a possible witness was speaking with deputies when he was observed as being nervous, when deputies ran a check on this subject he came back with outstanding warrants out of Craighead County. Deputies ask Kincade if he had anything illegal, Kincade replied yes and gave the deputies his marijuana. Kincade was cited for the illegal drugs by Lawrence County and then was transported to the Lawrence County Jail by the Arkansas State Police where the Craighead County Sheriff’s Department took him into their custody.
AET Ambulance of Imboden was on scene, the female refused medical attention.
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