The Citizen’s Bank Sign said 99 degrees at p.m. Thursday evening. Photos on Facebook have shown the sign to read 103 and 104 degrees. Heat can be very dangerous if you are not prepared.

If you must be out in the heat, try to get your task done early before temps climb, or in the evening once the temps have started to fall.

Also, stay hydrated! Water is great, and plenty of it, but you may want to try something like a Gatorade or Power Aide to replenish lost minerals. Sodas and Caffeine are not recommended because Caffeine will cause you to dehydrate faster than normal.

If you have elderly friends and family, check on them often. Make sure the air conditioners are working and they have fans to stay cool.

Pets and animals need extra attention this time of year, make sure they have fresh water, animals can drink two to three times more water than usual this time of year.

The 10 Day Forecast shows the temps will be in the low to mid 90’s with a possibility of some pop up showers.