At 11:30pm on Sunday July 17th deputies received information that a male subject was threatening to do harm to himself in Imboden, the male stated he was at the Autumn Inn Motel in Imboden. Sgt. Rocky Chappell assisted by several other deputies went to the Autumn Inn and made contact with the owner who stated that the subject was not staying at the motel. Sgt. Chappell then received information that the subject may have been at a residence on Main Street, Deputies went to that location and contacted the residents only to learn that he was not at the residence but may be a another residence located on Georgia Street in Imboden. Sgt. Chappell sent deputies to check that residence only to learn that he was staying at another residence located on West 2nd Street in Imboden. Deputies than went to the 2nd Street location but were not able to make contact with anyone.


Sgt. Chappell instructed deputies to make contact with a family member of the home owner on 2nd Street to ask about the male subject who was threatening harm and to check on the resident who was not answering his door. Family members made contact with the resident and agreed to accompany deputies back to 2nd Street to meet with the home owner. As deputies arrived at the address on 2nd Street, a neighbor exited a house across the street claiming that a male just entered his home through the front door, ran through the house and exited through the back into the woods.


Deputies set up a perimeter around the area and began to search the wooded area. The subject who was threatening to harm himself surrendered to Lawrence County Deputies and informed that another juvenile was also hiding in the woods, deputies were able to talk him into coming out of the woods. The juvenile then admitted to deputies that the resident of the home on 2nd Street was also hiding in the woods. Deputies using loud speakers and the K-9 unit were soon able to convince the subject to exit the woods as well.


The two adult male subjects were taken to the Lawrence County Jail to await charges, the juvenile was cited and released to his parents. The male subject who was threatening to harm himself admitted to the threats to deputies. Sheriff Dotson has not released the names pending further investigation.


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