Living in Northeast Arkansas is a fisherman’s paradise, but one place we’ve driven past a thousand times turns out to be a great place to “wet your hook”.

Portia Bay sits just off Hwy 63 between Portia and Black Rock. A short drive down a gravel road leads to a private boat launch. For $2 you can launch your boat and park your truck, not a bad price for a great day on the water. No matter what your interest this is a great place to fish.

Water depths on the main body were around 10 foot, shallower on both ends but with plenty of places to fish. Crappie, Catfish, Bass, Perch and more seem very plentiful on this body of water.

The morning we fished, we put in late due to overcast skies and a chance of rain but the fishing was still great. Water temperatures were in the low to mid 80’s, a little windy bit still very manageable. The boat ramp is a little steep but if you take your time you’ll have no problem.

Thanks to Gene and Patrick for taking the time to fish with us, it was a great time and we’ll definitely be back soon.

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