It’s the call that no firefighter wants to respond to, but for a Sedgwick Firefighter it became a reality. The Lawrence County Dispatch received a call from the Sedgwick area of a horse falling on a young female. Lawrence County Dispatch called out the Sedgwick Fire Department and AET Ambulance of Walnut Ridge. As Sedgwick responded, the words no firefighter wants to hear came over the radio, “it’s a Sedgwick Firefighters Daughter and he is on scene”.

Sedgwick Fire Department was on scene within minutes, AET Ambulance requested for Air-Evac to lift a helicopter and get the unit in route to assist. At 7:50 pm AET Ambulance had the patient loaded and transported the victim to a landing zone set up by the Sedgwick Fire Department behind the Baptist Church. Air-Evac was on the ground at Sedgwick at 8:02pm. The Patient was loaded in the helicopter at 8:12 pm according to Sedgwick Fire Department Command on scene, shortly after the Air-Evac unit was in route to a hospital. The condition of the victim is not known at this time.

Our well-wishes go out to the victim and her family and we wish for a speedy recovery. Special thanks goes out to the Firefighters who give their time to help others everyday.