Sharp County Releases Details On Domestic Violence Call That Ends With One Person Air-Lifted To Jonesboro

On may 18th, around 8:11 pm, Sharp County 911 dispatch received a call about a man with a gun on the Wirth road area. The Sheriff’s Department along with other agencies in the area responded. Dispatch received a complaint that a man with a shotgun had gone to #76 E. Wirth Road threatening to kill another man. An Ambulance was also dispatched to the area because of reports that one or more persons had been injured. When police arrived they learned that Mark Wrench age 52 of #9 E. Wirth Rd. had gone to his estranged wife’s home at #28 Mcfarr Trail with a shotgun. Mr. wrench entered the home and threatened Julia Wrench age 52 along with her autistic son who was also present. According to Ms. Wrench, Mr. Wrench pointed the shotgun in her face and threatened to kill her. Ms. Wrench attempted to push the shotgun away from her face and was then struck several times in the head with the butt of the shotgun. Ms. Wrench was also punched and kicked numerous times by Mr. Wrench before he left. Mr. Wrench then left the residence saying he was going to the home of Ronald Gene Biggs to kill him. despite Ms. Wrench’s injuries she was able to call and warn Mr. Biggs and call 911. A short while later Mr. Wrench arrived at Mr. biggs home and approached the front door carrying the shotgun. According to Mr. Biggs statement Mr. Wrench got to the doorway of Mr. Biggs home and then pointed the shotgun in Mr. Biggs face. Mr. Biggs reacted quickly and knocked the shotgun away and struck Mr. Wrench several times knocking him down. Mr. Wrench sustained injuries to his face and head and had to be air lifted to a Jonesboro Hospital. Mr. Wrench’s condition included a serious head injury he sustained when he fell. Mr. Wrench was later transferred to the Med in Memphis where he is currently in serious condition. Mr. Biggs was not injured in this incident. Ms. Wrench sustained lacerations to her head and numerous abrasions. The investigation also revealed that Mr. Wrench is a convicted felon and should not have been in possession of a firearm. A search warrant was conducted on Mr. Wrench’s property and eleven firearms were seized. This investigation is ongoing, Charges against Mr. Wrench may be pending.