At 6:35pm on Sunday, Lawrence County Deputies notified the Lawrence County Dispatch Center they were attempting to stop a suspicious vehicle on Hwy 25, the vehicle refused to stop for the deputies and began to flee. During the pursuit deputies observed the vehicle driving erratic and passing vehicles in “no-passing zones” in an effort to elude the deputies.

The vehicle described as a mid 90’s red Jeep Cherokee 4-door was occupied by a white male driver and a white female passenger. Shortly after the pursuit began the vehicle crossed into Independence County and turned onto Dowdy Road, once on the road it doubled-back and attepted to ram the Lawrence County Deputies Patrol Vehicle head on, the officer had to drive into the ditch to avoid the suspect vehicle, at 6:40pm the deputy notified the Dispatch Center that he would have felony charges for attempting to ram the deputies.

The vehicle then traveled by toward Hwy 25 followed by the Lawrence County Deputies in pursuit. Several other Lawrence County Deputies were notified of the chase including Sheriff Dotson. Those deputies began to travel toward the location of the chase, Lawrence County Dispatch notified the Independence County Sheriff’s Office and officers from that county started toward the location of the Lawrence County Deputies.

At 6:45pm the suspect vehicle turned on Turkey Hill Road in Independence County and then turned up what deputies described as a long driveway before once again turning around and traveling toward Hwy 25.

At 6:50pm the deputies in pursuit lost sight of the vehicle. At 6:53pm a call to the Lawrence County Dispatch Center was received, the vehicle was spotted on Hwy 25 traveling north.

Deputies at this time are searching the area for the suspect. If you have any information that would be helpful in this investigation you can e-mail the Sheriff at

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