Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students who have shown an interest in learning how to play
the guitar have had that opportunity over the past two years. Mr. Mike McLeod, tutor, has
been giving free lessons to any student who wants to spend the extra time required to learn.
Students learn how to tune the guitar, all about notes, keys, chords, strumming and a little
picking. Some students have used what they have learned to perform at the annual talent
show. Some students have even written their own songs. William Smith, seventh grader, said, “I
believe the lessons have helped me become better at playing the guitar and it’s good to do
because everyone can do it.” This is an optional extra activity and students may join or drop
the lessons anytime they want. Students who become proficient are encouraged to play for
other classes. Songs learned are geared to the students’ interest and the difficulty level of
the song. Generally students like the country songs of long ago and today. This is just another
opportunity for gifted and talented students or students needing more than what a regular
public school can provide.