On March 14, 2011 the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dept arrested Timothy Harbin (11/18/81) of Minturn for possession of a controlled substance (marijuana), manufacture of a controlled substance (marijuana) and possession of drug paraphernial. The arrest came after the Sheriff’s Dept received information from concerned citizens that Harbin was growing marijuana in his residence at Minturn. Deputies took that information and went to the residence to speak with Harbin. Harbin told the deputies that he was indead growing marijuana in the residence and told the deputies that he would cooperate with them. Inside the residence deputies found several marijuana plants growing along with grow lights and other items used to grow marijuana. Deputies also found a small amount of ready to smoke marijuana and items used to smoke marijuana. Harbin was placed under arrest and transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await a bond hearing. Deputies photographed the evidence, collected evidence and transported it back to the Sheriff’s Dept to be secured into evidence.