On March 29th, Lawrence County Sheriff Jody Dotson was appointed to the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Courtney Henry notified Sheriff Dotson of the appointment after he had been nominated by the Director of Arkansas Court Security and Emergency Preparedness, Pete Hollingsworth.

Sheriff Dotson will be part of a 17 member committee that will make recommendations to the Arkansas Supreme Court on issues involving courtroom security and emergency preparedness.

Dotson has already been an Arkansas Courtroom Security Officer Instructor and did some of the first Courtroom Security Officer trainings in the state. The Sheriff and other committee members will recommend and evaluate uniform state policies on court security and emergency preparedness and assist local courts in drafting and implementing local plans.

The committee also oversees a court security grant program to provide funds to cities and counties to improve court security and preparedness and to establish standards for court security officers.