Monday Sheriff Dotson instructed a Meth Awareness and Saftey Class held at the Sedgwick Community Center. Representatives from the Sedgwick, Hoxie, Walnut Ridge, Alicia and Portia Fire Departments along with Lawrence County Deputies and personnel from the Lawrence County Dispatch Center were in attendance.

Sheriff Dotson explained how dangerous Methamphetamine are to everyone in the area. Dotson gave an eye-opening example to those in the class, “for every one pound of meth, a lab creates up to 6 pounds of toxic waste”, this is waste that goes into our ground water, dangerous waste that is thrown out on our roadsides.

Along with the instructions on how labs work, the Sheriff also instructed the class on where Meth originated and how it has changed over the years. The class was very informative for all who were in attendance.

Special Thanks to the Sedgwick Fire Department for hosting the event. For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, visit their site at