Representatives from the Master Gardeners were at the Imboden Area Charter
School giving a demonstration on seed planting to the 6th, 7th and grade students
on Wednesday March, 23. Flower seeds were available and all the students had
an opportunity to pick flower seeds, fertilize and plant those seeds in pots. They
will be grown inside on a growing bench and close to the end of the school year
the ladies will return and the plants will be transplanted outside in the flower and
shrub beds. The ladies who were here to teach the students were Gena Stout,
Karna McFadden and Gail Rorex. Master Gardeners are a volunteer organization
and have several projects in both Lawrence and Randolph County including the
plantings and care of the Charlie Etchison memorial park in Imboden and the
Randolph County Nursing Home in Pocahontas.

Gena Stout assists Cheyenne Templeman and Holly Monard with planting flowers

The Imboden Area Charter School had special visitors that the students enjoyed seeing
and petting on Wednesday March 23. Cass and Jill brought some animals for the
children to pet and look at today. Each class took their turn and was very excited
to see and pet all the animals that included horses, a donkey, puppies, and a
kitten, ducklings and a lamb. The ducklings and the baby lamb were the favorite.
The children asked questions about the animals like what kind of puppies they
were, they got to pet and hold some of the animals and feed the horses clover
and the lamb a bottle. All grades K-8 had a turn at petting the animals.