A one vehicle accident Monday on Hwy 62 just outside of Imboden sent one woman to the hospital, but another passenger was lost in the wreck.

Facebook post in the community soon raised awareness that a family pet had been in the vehicle and not seen since the crash. Imbodenlive reader Pam Ludwig posted about the lost pet and Linda Chappell reposted the information. Soon members of the Imboden Fire Department joined in the search, led by Asst. Chief Jim Jones.

The pet was lost at Hwy 62 and Razorback Trail, Jones was notified that the pet had been seen at the home of Bill McCurley. Firefighters made contact with the pet, but the pet was scared and confused and ran away into the woods. Jones was then contacted by family members of the pet’s owner, firemen led family members to the place the pet was last seen. The search party made contact with the pet a second time, but once again it ran away.

Shortly before 5pm Jim Jones notified Imbodenlive that family members were able to retrieve the pet. Now that the accident victim’s pet is safe, the focus can now be on the driver’s recovery. This is just another example of what a great community we live in.