Asst. Chief Jim Jones of the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department read a post by a rural Lawrence County resident about a young kitten stuck in a tree. Jones contacted the resident and offered the help of the fire department.

Tuesday firefighters loaded ladders and “pike poles” and traveled to the site of the stranded kitten. The resident told Jones that the kitten was about 20 feet up the tree and had been there for over 2 days. Once on scene, firefighters discovered the kitten was over 30 feet up the tree, therefore making a ladder rescue impossible.

Asst. Chief Jones then made the decision to go back to the station and get the Rescue Truck and return to the scene. Using the water carried on the truck, firefighters were able to spray the stream high enough to force the kitten out of the tree. The kitten was not injured by the water or the fall and soon back in it’s owners arms, wet but unharmed.