Breaking News: Older Gentleman Attacked By The Boss Hog Sandwich On His Birthday!!!!
An Article On The Lighter-Side!!
Reports are coming in that Raymond from Hi-Spec Tooling was surprised at lunch by the rest of the guys at Hi-Spec with the Boss Hog BBQ Sandwich.
What’s even harder to believe than the size of the sandwich is the amount of Birthdays that Raymond has had!!!
Keith Wilson of Pig-N-Out was asked how old Raymond turned on his birthday, he said he was not sure but it was “alot”!!!!!
We asked around to find out Raymond’s age, so we found what we think is the oldest living person in Lawrence County and ask if he knew Raymond’s age. The old-timer replied that he was not sure but “Raymond was driving the school bus when he was a little boy!”
Just Kidding Raymond!!!
Happy Birthday From ImbodenLive!!!
(Keith put us up to this!)

*Editor’s correction-  There is no US . lol  Raymond,  I had nothing to do with this and was actually forced under protest to post this.  Was this your 28th Birthday?  
Happy Birthday! Lisa 🙂