Sheriff Jody Dotson is credited by former Sheriff Dan Ellison as “the man who brought computers into the Sheriff’s office”. Now Sheriff Dotson takes the department one step further, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office now has a full website with many user features.

The idea was hatched even before the Sheriff was elected. Sheriff Dotson had made contact with other departments around the state, asking questions about their Sheriff’s departments websites in hopes to offer Lawrence County it’s own site in the future. The Sheriff’s vision was to provide a interactive website for Lawrence County citizen’s to report crimes online, for the Sheriff’s office to publish useful information and news about the LCSO , and to provide links to state agencies.

The site has all this and more. The website is divided into categories ranging from “Divisions” to “Most Wanted”. Jail information is posted on the site as well as contact information for the Sheriff’s Office. Links include everything from the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry to the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Sheriff Dotson is the first elected sheriff in Lawrence County to take full advantage of the internet, during his campaign he made regular updates informing the public of current happenings within the Sheriff’s Office and he provided citizen’s with a way to connect to the local Sheriff’s office online. Here he continues this by hosting a website that will be updated in an effort to keep the site fresh and up to date.

Sheriff Dotson also expressed excitement concerning the “Tips” e-mail. Residents of Lawrence County are one of the most important resources the Sheriff’s Office has in reporting crimes, Sheriff Dotson wants to keep the line of communication open between the residents and the Sheriff’s Office. If a resident observes a suspicious person or vehicle, suspected crime or anything non-emergency, citizens may leave an e-mail to be followed up by deputies. As always, Sheriff Dotson urges residents if you have an emergency to Dial 911. The tips email is just an added way for residents to report crimes to the LCSO.

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